The DL16 Solution & Cold Chain

Cold chain management is an integral part of logistics for many industries. Breaking the cold chain can have tremendous impact on temperature sensitive products such as; vaccines, serums, blood, organs, etc... Therefore, controlling that the correct temperature is kept at all times throughout the supply chain is imperative. The DL16 Solution is the perfect fit for monitoring temperature-controlled transportation in real-time, assuring visibility throughout the entire cold chain.

Why the DataLong16 Solution for the Cold Chain?

  • Proactive management of the cold chain.
  • Real-time and end-to-end monitoring.
  • Vanguard technology: without any installations.
  • Healthy preservation of perishable products and drugs.
  • Maintain the quality of products unchanged.
  • Keep the shelf life of products unchanged.
  • Controls deviations from optimal thresholds.
  • Eliminates unacceptable risks.
  • Remote set-point temperature and humidity change management.
  • Alarms, enabling faster reaction.

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