The DL16 Solution & Food

As the food supply chain has garnished more attention in the last couple of years, due to consumer's concerns about outbreaks of food-borne diseases, maintaining full control of the food supply chain is important. Complex food supply chain can cause many issues and many suppliers are involved in getting a primary product to the retailer. The more complex the supply chain, the more difficult it is to trace a product back to the original source. The DL16 Solution is the perfect fit for maintaining real-time visibility throughout the food supply chain.

Benefits of the DL16 Solution for Food

  • Maintain nutritional value.
  • Avoid decomposition.
  • Prevent microbial contamination.
  • Prevent irregular ripening.
  • Food waste reduction.
  • Extend the shelf life of perishable products.
  • Improved transparency and visibility of the supply chain.
  • Efficient inventory management.
  • Control of cold rooms.
  • Measurements of the gases used for cold room conservation.
  • Remote set-point temperature and humidity change management.
  • Alarms, enabling faster reaction.
  • Quality control.

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