About us

DataLong16 is an innovative supply chain and asset visibility company, located in Spain, which offers outstanding solutions addressing a broad portfolio of challenges. We help develop great experience for clients, where they can stay connected with their assets in real-time. Our solution, which is connected to the “Internet of Things”, is serving several vertical industries, such as; pharma, agri-food, medical, chemical, laboratories, transportation, ... All of them strongly related to logistics and distribution. We form part of the IATA Strategic Partnerships Program, which is a platform for aviation solution providers to build as well as strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders. As active members, we help clients stay current with today's requirements and prepare for tomorrow's.

The History

DataLong16 was estabblished in 2014. Its founders believe that the Internet of Things ( IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology can facilitate the way we do business and how we (people) and things connect. The company was created on the basis of great knowledge and experience in the field of logistics, distribution and management of the cold chain. In response to the specific demands of our customers and drawing on experience, knowledge and a broad technical capability we launched the DL16 solution, where we are weaving together technologies, services and engagements to empower our clients to be in control of their assets throughtout the entire supply chain.

Our mission

Monitor & Track Anything, Anytime, Anywhere to Support& Influence Businesses & People

World tracking devices

We have a range of devices tracking anything, in real-time, and anywhere in the world.

Process data

The data gathered by our devices is communicated through M2M technology, and it is processed and fully accessible to our clients on our front-end platform.

Interpret the data

We help you interpret the data and empower you to make the right operational decision to grow your business.

Our vission

Track Anything, Anytime, Anywhere to Support& Influence Businesses & People

World tracking devices

We have a range of devices tracking anything, in real time, anywhere in the world and collecting data.

Process data

We process the data and make the data available for you.

Interpret the data

We help you to interpret the data to help you making the right decision to your business.

Meet the team

Our sense of urgency and service pushes us to give power and pro-activity to our brand. Great work is achieved when you have great people bringing their own unique perspectives and talents to the table. Between Barcelona and London, and support of our network in Europe, we have managed to build a team capable of handling the most challenging matters. We are passionate about connecting our clients to their remote assets and most importantly, help them achieve their desired business results.


We have dedicated relationships with our partners. Together we provide new solutionsto reshape the global supply chain.

Brands that trust us

DataLong16 takes pride in providing products and services to a large number of internationally recognised customers who are leaders at their respective industries and markets.

Quality Assurance

With the desire to ensure the quality of products, services and solutions, SEIC, S. L. (DataLong16) commit to fulfil the values of ISO 9001:2015 management system.

The quality management and quality assurance activities which we are measured upon are:

“Design, manufacture and market solution systems to monitor and track assets throughout the supply chain”.

The values of this quality policy translate into the following commitments:

    • Management supports continuous improvement in the management system, by providing all the resources it deems necessary to strengthen the bases and the achievement of the objectives of DataLong16.
    • Adopt commitment of the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 norm in addition to legal and regulatory requirements that may apply.
    • The Upper Management incorporates the whole staff on the maintenance and the continuous improvement of the Quality System. In the same way, the staff is steadily encouraged to carry out its duty to reach the highest degree of satisfaction to the customers of the organisation.

More specifically, DataLong16 set the strategic objectives basing on:

    • Provide quality service, according to the ISO 9001:2015 norm through each and every one of the departments with the organisation.
    • Complete customer satisfaction is the priority of DataLong16.
    • Offer service with high added value capable of solving specific customer problems in a personalised manner.
    • Continuously train staff in their respective areas to achieve higher morale and job satisfaction and staff contribution to the business.
    • Service and quality policy is communicated and understood by all staff.
    • All supporting documentation of the system is mandatory for the staff of our organization.
    • Maintain and regularly update technical resources.
    • Proper selection of suppliers through objective criteria for evaluating the services offered.