Secure cloud data collection system

Amazon cloud, Smart Communication, Integration

Amazon Cloud

Allows fast access to big data, thus closing the gap between the physical and digital world in self-reinforcing and self-improving systems. The data obtained from our multimodal plug & play devices is sent in real-time through M2M technology and stored online into a cloud platform provided by Amazon.

Smart communication system

The smart communication system protocol that we have developed allows data transmission to different devices and command updates such as changing sensitivity and/or monitoring frequency.

Cloud to Cloud

We offer Cloud to Cloud connection (APIs available), allowing agile integration and migrations with multiple systems.


The system can be integrated with other popular clouds such as®, SAP® and Microsoft Navision®.

High precision Front-End platform

The data obtained from our multimodal plug & play devices can be accessed securely through our high precision cloud platform.








Flight mode

Battery level

GSM / GPRS signal quality

Take control

Monitor the assets through our Front-End platform and adjust commands and set alarms as required to always be in control.

The platform displays location information from our monitoring and tracking devices in a familiar Google Maps™ format, with the ability to customise the view for your devices, protocols, geofences and routes.

All your logistics needs in one platform.