DataLong16 forms part of the group of companies that the Consulate of Belgium invited to share their experience as a company.

On June 28, Mr. Eric Santkin, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Region of Wallonia, wanted DataLong16 to be part of the group of companies invited by the Consulate to share business aspects of present and future within the framework of the Equestrian Circle from Barcelona. DataLong16 demonstrated its expertise in supply chain and asset monitoring that offers solutions that address a broad portfolio of challenges.

DataLong16 forms part of the group of companies invited by the Consulate of Belgium

Wallonia, an open-minded area, a land of exchange.

Wallonia is a warm, friendly and high-performing region, rich in history and resolutely focussed on the future, and it welcomes everyone with open arms… Situated in the heart of Europe and of a market of 500 million consumers, Wallonia is a region where the businesses can establish themselves and develop in highly favourable conditions. It’s an area of great innovation and competitiveness where men and women can promote their talents, use their expertise and blossom in their work. It’s an attractive and competitive region where businesses benefit from intelligent taxation and a wide range of financial, social and environmental support. It’s a warm region, where hospitality, culture and tradition come together harmoniously.


The Wallonia Export Investment Agency is partnering with DataLong16 on international strategy expansion, working closely with the European, Belgian, regional and local authorities. The Agency will help DataLong16 plan for a global move.