The DL16 Solution & Catering

Managing the flow of millions of meals in a highly complex and regulated environment, is a challenging problem for many companies. Therefore, to prevent any temperature disruption which may lead to deterioration or even loss of meals is crucial. The DL16 Solution is the perfect fit for the refrigerated or temperature-controlled transportation assuring visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Why the DataLong16 Solution?

  • In accordance with RoHS Certificate - food safety standard for all catering locations.
  • Efficient monitoring in real-time of temperature, humidity, and pressure across the entire supply chain.
  • Maintaining the cold chain throughout food storage and production - traceability for healthy eating.
  • Remote set-point temperature and humidity change management.
  • Alarms, enabling faster reaction.
  • Different supply chain capabilities.
  • Impact sensoring.
  • Quality control.
  • Audit trail.
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