The DL16 Solution & Pharma

As the growth of temperature-controlled products is continuing at more than double the rate of non-temperature-controlled products, the cold chain in biopharma is becoming more significant than ever. By efficiently managing cold chain, pharmaceutical companies can  drive growth, improve profitability and reduce costs. The DL16 Solution ensures full visibility  into the cold chain pharma logistics and helps control that the correct temperature has been maintained at all times.

The benefits of DL16 Solution in Pharma

  • Control that the Supply Chain has not been broken at anytime.
  • Maintain the chemical, physical, therapeutic and toxicological properties intact.
  • Prevents the formation of flocs or granules in vaccines.
  • Ensures the quality of thermolabile products.
  • Prevents the loss of activity due to excess temperature or freezing.
  • Keeps the health of assets at its optimum threshold.
  • Compliance commitment.
  • Avoids degradative reactions.
  • Product traceability.
  • IoT application with real-time shipment visibility.
  • Worldwide reach.
  • Ultra frozen temperature.
  • Individualised warehouse management.
  • Remote set-point temperature and humidity change management.
  • Alarms, enabling faster reaction.
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