The DL16 Warehouse

The effectiveness of warehouse operations affects every aspect of business health, profitability, and supply chain. Every minute of every day, goods are constantly moving in and out of the warehouse, which is a crucial business hub of many manufacturing operations. The DL Warehouse Solution is perfect for monitoring any warehouse and / or storage room. The solution provides users with access to real-time information on temperature, humidity, pressure and location. All data viewing, reporting and data services are accessed using our web-based front-end platform. Manage the warehouse's efficiency and flexibility with our solution.

Why the DataLong16 Solution for Warehouses?

  • Proactive management.
  • Real-time and end-to-end monitoring.
  • Vanguard technology: without any installations.
  • Healthy preservation of perishable products and drugs.
  • Maintain the quality of products unchanged.
  • Keep the shelf life of products unchanged.
  • Controls deviations from optimal thresholds.
  • Eliminates unacceptable risks.
  • Remote set-point temperature and humidity change management.
  • Alarms, enabling faster reaction.

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