High precision device engineering

Hardware in-house, client customisation & tech efficiency

Innovation with purpose

Our technology has never just been about building trackers. It’s about our customers and finding better ways to help them stay connected with their assets. We have an in-house design and engineering team specialised in developing new software and devices adapted to the activities and needs of our customers. This allows us to effectively and efficiently develop and test new devices and guarantee high precision and quality control.

Barcelona Production

Our hardware and software production are established in Barcelona. We are proud to support the local economy and we believe that communication is key in any project. For this reason we have dedicated our focus on proximity by having the manufacturing facilities close to our HQ. Proximity enables us to quickly bring new ideas into reality.

Region experience in high tech

Barcelona is a Spanish region with extensive experience in high tech and automotive production. We work with some of the industry’s best manufacturers, which have more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Production process

Get to know our production process and discover what assets we have available to help improve the possibilities for your business.