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Ibercondor helps their customers remotely monitor their shipments with the DL16 – Pharma solution. Ibercondor is a freight forwarding company of over 30 years old with Head Office in Barcelona and offices at Barcelona Airport, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Milano, Shanghai and México. Ibercondor is specialising in international transport, logistics and customs management, as well as in the activity of International Trade Consulting. DataLong16 is a Barcelona-based company specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT) with research and development (R&D) and production operations in Europe. DataLong16 has a strong expertise in the Cold Chain sector. The DL16 – Pharma provided by DataLong16 to Ibercondor and their customers consists of a Device with internal sensors, real time internet Connectivity and Platform accessible in real time through a web browser. The DL16 – Pharma provides information such as GPS location, temperature, humidity, pressure and impact detector. The DL16 solution has a flight mode approved by International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations that allow Ibercondor to use the solution in the air. This solution helps Ibercondor and their customers monitor in real time the location and temperature of its sensitive products, mainly pharmaceuticals, transported anywhere in the world. The solution ensures Ibercondor control the cold chain has not been broken and abide by the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The end customer can also control that Ibercondor has transported the goods to the right place, at right time and in the right conditions. Working alongside aviation industry stakeholders and regulators, IATA created the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma), to help organizations and the entire air cargo supply chain to get on the right track to achieve pharmaceutical handling excellence. The DataLong16 solution is helping Ibercondor to receive this certification. By establishing a common baseline from existing regulations and standards, this certification ensures international and national compliance to safeguard product integrity while addressing specific air cargo needs. 

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