Case Study


In NORDISVEN offers an integral service of vending to companies and organizations, through the installation, maintenance and replacement of machines of cold, hot drinks and food.
Company formed by a team of professionals specialized in the field of vending machines.


Nordisven remotely monitor its mobile cabinets/fridge containers with the DL16 – Cold Chain Catering solution. Nordisven, the leading company in the vending machine sector. DataLong16 is a Barcelona-based company specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT) with research and development (R&D) and production operations in Europe. DataLong16 has a strong expertise in the Cold Chain sector. The DL16 – Cold Chain Catering Solution provided by DataLong16 to Nordisven consists of a Certified Device with internal sensors, real time internet Connectivity and Platform accessible in real time through a web browser. The DL16 – Cold Chain Catering Solution provides Nordisven information such as GPS location, temperature, humidity and impact detector. This solution helps Nordisven monitor in real time the temperature of the fridges/cabinets transporting the perishable goods from the Nordisven’s kitchen to the Vending Machines (Nordisven’s Points of Sale). Now, they can control that the cold chain has not been broken at any time during the transportation. The solution ensures Nordisven abide by the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and, most important, continue providing fresh products and maintain positive customer satisfaction.

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