Reliable data with less stress

The DataLong16 line of monitoring accessories includes humidity, pressure and temperature measurement sensors that lead to a complete accessories offering for critical products. The accessories help deliver real-time facts of assets circumstances to improve the total supply chain management for our clients. 


Our DL16-08 devices can be linked with mobus to obtain information from multiple sensors. We currently offer three types of modbus interface adapters that can be connected with; analog, digital, and pressure probes.


Our sensors measure a wide variety of parameters to accommodate clients' specific needs and requirements. The sensors are from leading suppliers and all our sensors are thoroughly tested by independent external test agencies.


Our external GPS and GSM antennas facilitate extreme transmitting properties for the DL16-08 devices with a bandwidth of 6MHz. Antennas help clients stay connected with their assets and deliver; position, status and security of assets in real-time so clients can take immediate action.


We offer various fixtures and holders for device and modbus mounting.

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